11 Plus: Non-Verbal reasoning

Like verbal reasoning, the non-verbal reasoning papers in the eleven plus are designed to test more innate cognitive ability rather than curriculum based learning. Non-verbal reasoning tests focus on the elements of reasoning that are independent of English. Tasks in a non verbal reasoning paper may include finding patterns or rules, using rotation and symmetry and questions which demonstrate spatial awareness. Although you cannot `revise` non verbal reasoning as you can with, for example, a GCSE exam, you can still improve your chances of succeeding. Practice papers, together with how-to guides and a little enthusiasm for visual logic puzzles are the best way to ensure success.

Online resources

  • www.11plusswot.co.uk: Site dedicated to online testing of the eleven plus exams.
  • www.elevenplusexams.co.uk: Access to free online papers from a fully comprehensive site set up by an anxious parent who went through the eleven plus process a few years ago.
  • www.11plus.co.uk: Free non-verbal reasoning papers can be found here.