GCSE English Language

Unlike most subjects, there isn't a great deal of learning to do for English Language. But that doesn't mean you can't prepare for your exam. It's important to practice past exam papers so that you can develop the skill of writing answers in exam situations. There are several revision guides available which have tips and hints for the exam, as well as some online resources

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Each exam board produces a syllabus listing exactly what you need to know to pass the exams. Some students find this useful to use as checklist of what you have revised. Make sure you check with your teacher which exam board and syllabus you are following.

Revision Guides

Revision guides are printed books which summarise everything you need to know to do well in the exam, and are an important part of many people's revision. We have reviews of hundreds of revision guides including:

Written by experienced exam markers this guide offers complete coverage for the GCSE English AQA specification higher exams, accessible content with illustrations and a useful pull out workbook and answers.

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Letts describe this as the ultimate in-depth revision guide designed cover all that might be needed for exam success. Written by GCSE examiners the book includes highlighted key facts, progress check questions, model exam answers to illustrate what…

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Find reviews and previews of all our GCSE English Language Revision Guides by searching below:
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Past & Speciman Papers

Attempting sample and past papers is a good way to check how your revision is going, and will allow you to become more comfortable answering exam-style questions. Links to several past papers are below, some of which can be viewed for free online. They are arranged by exam board, if you don’t know which exam board your school is using then you should ask your teacher.

Online Resources

As well as buying a revision guide, you can add variety to your revision using free online resources. Bear in mind that the content of some of these websites might not be as reliable or up-to-date as printed books, check that the content matches your syllabus and if in doubt ask your teacher.