Eleven-Plus: English

Unlike the verbal reasoning and non verbal reasoning eleven plus tests, the English test is similar to other English exams that your child might take. It will cover elements of grammar, spelling, comprehension, writing and punctuation. The content of the English test may vary across the country, so make it a priority to check what is expected in your area. Then consider using our site to find suitable practice papers and how-to guides to make sure your child is given maximum opportunity to prepare for the eleven plus exams.

Online resources

  • www.11plusswot.co.uk: Site dedicated to online testing of the eleven plus exams.
  • www.elevenplusexams.co.uk: Access to free online papers from a fully comprehensive site set up by an anxious parent who went through the eleven plus process a few years ago.
  • www.11plus.co.uk: Free English eleven plus papers available here.